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The Girls in the Cabin - by Caleb Stephens

This one came out of the blue, I have to clarify.

I remember, back when I first had my debut out, sending Horror Writer Association letters out to the members that were open to receiving promotional material, in the hopes of possibly someone reading it, liking it, or even recommending it for a Stoker. Now, looking back, I remember the isolation of that, not knowing if anyone bothered to even open the email, download the book book, let alone read it. I swore that – to the best of my ability, I’d try to look over books eligible for the next year's stokers, specifically, debut novels. And when I did, I’d let the authors know.

That’s what got me started on Caleb’s debut, and I have to say, it’s rare that I get a debut written in such a smooth-flowing and easily readable voice. The pages flew past, and that just doesn’t happen out of chance. There are books where the future talent just drips off the page. Where you see the author dropping the details, adding the description at exactly the right moments, lashing out with clinical detail, the trauma when it is required, knowing instinctively when to bring the inner turmoil and emotion into play in their characters.

So, trust me when I say, Caleb’s got it. He’s one to watch.

There’s a core twist in the book that I saw coming, way, way too early, but this is what I do, I read and I guess and I think what I would do if I were the author, and more importantly, what the author wasn’t telling us. But even though I saw it, it left the novel open for my appreciation of the drops, the hints, the build-up, and misdirection.

It’s a rare thing for a debut author to have produced such a tight debut, but that’s what you have here, and I’m thrilled I took a chance on it.

Caleb, welcome to the horror community – I’m thrilled you’re here, and can’t wait to see you storm through it.

Everyone – grab this now. It’s well worth your attention.

5 out of five stars



You can buy The girls... by clicking the appropriate Amazon link, below:

You can visit Caleb's website, HERE.

You can follow Caleb on Twitter, HERE.

You can follow Caleb on Instagram, HERE.


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