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Prey - by Sarah Davis

This is one of those books that I long for, a zombie-based story that has a scientific ground in reality. It makes the reading far more satisfying than 90% of the others in the genre. Davis’ bird flu variant of a zombie apocalypse is both horrific and gratifying – how do you control the spread of an air-born infection that renders both it’s carriers and the lifeforms they come into contact with, into aggressive mindless predators, whose only instinct is to attack moving targets?

You don’t. You hunker down and hope they die.

Davis’ writes, as always, with knowledge of the animals she injects into her stories, and with a passion for their guardians and keepers that only someone with veterinary experience could bring to the game. The horror, when it arrives, is clinical and unforgiving, this thriller rides our fears and shows how ineffectual mankind’s domination of nature really is – and highlights, once again, that bats (and birds) are nightmares.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love bats. I love the idea of bats – but… that they live in a permanent state of constant heart attack and that they burn through more viruses in a second than I care to think about, turns those cute blind little f##kers into the true horror stories they are. And then the birds get infected and well, this highlights what a massive problem that really is. Could be. Might be. Makes you want to install bird nets around your property.

There’s a relationship story in there, lost love re-found, the distance of age redefining old beliefs, there’s dad jokes, Sarah’s dry humor, and dogs, of course, where would we be without dogs? Her love for them shines through in every book.

The ending is both satisfying and realistic, the characters believable and complex enough that the relationships ring true. There’s the single mother thread here that won’t surprise you, the violence will do that instead. No spoilers. He got what was coming to him mwah ha ha.

Yeah, I’m here for all of Sarah’s books.

5 out of 5 ☆’s


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