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Saltblood, Hummingburd, To Coventry

Finally: someone who loves (functional) grammar as much as I do! Andy is no pedant. But his feel for the rhythms of language and storytelling is exceptional, and his eye for linguistic detail is extraordinary. I’ve heard the edit described as the heartbeat of a text. And it’s no coincidence that Andy approaches his editing work with the skill and precision of a cardiac surgeon: every flourish of his scalpel ensuring that the pulse of your story quickens and slows exactly as it needs to, with just the right amount of blood allowed to flow onto the page. Get in touch with him today - he’s the editor you need in your writing life.

Ross Jeffery

Tome, Only the stains remain

Andy, is not only a gifted writer and storyteller, he is a masterful editor, and the best I’ve ever worked with. Since working with him on various projects, I don’t think I’ll ever use another editor again. When you find the best, you don’t let that go easily. His editing style is unique, his knowledge vast, and his communication on certain points, grammatical, and story-based have educated me more than all my schooling. He brings order to the words on the page, listens to the author, recommends instead of telling (while giving his reasons - it’s a dialogue between writer and editor which I really enjoyed as he wants the very best out of the story and you as a writer) and offers flourishes which one wishes they could have penned themselves by either a simple re-ordering of the lines or by rephrasing something you’ve attempted but not quite landed. I’ve never seen the depth of editing that goes into his work anywhere, where each line is meticulously explored, word choices are made clearer and bad habits are exposed and rectified. Not only does he make your words sing from the page, but he will have them singing long after your project's done, as you start your next manuscript and put his words, his teachings, and his editing into practice! Andy is the best in the business

Brennan LaFaro

Noose, Slattery Falls Trilogy, Last Stop

Austrian Spencer performs edits with the care and grace of a surgeon, truly collaborating with writers and taking the time to understand the story and make suggestions that will strengthen, rather than alter the author's original vision. His incisive notes and expansive considerations force the author to think deeply about their work, ultimately making the finished product shine.

Yolanda Sfetsos

Suffer The Darkness, Wings of Sorrow

Andy will polish up your diamond in the rough.

Andy Spencer's attention to detail is guaranteed to make any story shine even brighter. His easy-going approach and enthusiasm for your story are infectious, and encourage authors to make the best product possible. The editing process is a necessary part of finalizing your book, and with Andy's supervision, all the nitty-gritty details will be thoroughly analyzed. He's got a good eye for character development, realistic situations, and even the nerdier parts of storytelling. You can trust Andy to get the job done. Not only that, he also keeps you updated every step of the way.

Briana Morgan

The Reyes Incident,

Tiger Cult

Andy's editorial guidance was essential to my manuscript. Not only does he address grammar and consistency issues, but he also makes me think about my work in a different way. His help made my story more cohesive, riveting, and compelling for readers, and I look forward to working with him again.

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