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The Potted Plant - by Thomas Gloom

This is a short novella – it’s bite-sized – and pure revenge adrenalin-fueled fun. The writing is smooth – Thomas writes clearly, it’s totally readable, his voice almost hypnotic. I swear I don’t remember turning the pages, but I must have, at some point, it was the end of the book and I wondered how I got there, a half-finished cup of cold coffee next to my chair, a nearly empty pack of Oreo’s next to me, biscuit crumbs on my t-shirt and both cats had fallen asleep next to their food bowls. I am scared of waking them, they are probably ravenous.

Look – this is a blast, you want to believe the impossible, you have all the vibes of “Little shop of horrors” minus Steve Martin. You are happy the main character gets laid and then you aren’t so happy the main character got laid, in fact, that must have been when I stopped eating.

I made NO NOTES – unheard of, no typos, no pov breaks, I had nothing. So, kudos on the editing. I read a review where a reader DNF’d at a scene where an animal was injured, and I have to say, I thought it was great. I’m here for the cat violence, Thomas, bring it on. I know we all love our pets, even if I forget to feed mine because I’m engrossed in a book, and I am a non-violent pacifist, but honestly, it had to happen, and it was tastefully done. Now that I look, Mona, our female black cat that whines all the time (hence her name) might have actually fallen asleep (paws for effect😁) with her head in the water bowl. My bad. I had to get a dad joke in here somewhere.

Yeah – this was fun. It’s a quick burst of Mr. Gloom here – you’re paying to have his voice in your life. It isn’t deep, it isn’t pretending to be anything other than what it is – a blast of revenge horror with witchy "day of the triffids" vibes. Good work, Thomas.

This gets 4 out of 5 ⭐ ‘s.

Extra credits for the comic-style cover.


You can buy The Potted Plant, by clicking on the appropriate Amazon link, below:

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