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The Old Bay King - by Donnie Goodman

The Old bay King is Donnie Goodman's one off short story, primarily intended as a taster for his upcoming collection of short stories, "Razorblades in my head", to be released this summer (I hope). It's there to get your attention, voice being king, and to leave you hungry for the follow up anthology. It worked. It did, I am.

I can't summarize it because it's a short story, and I don't want to spoil the small time you will spend in it if you pick this up, but I think it fair to say this is Monster Horror, and the story Donnie illistrates it with is believable, well put together, and the pov is just right.

I liked this, it's quick and easy to read, the voice stays consistent and the pacing was good. If this is an indication of the rest of the stories coming in the collection, I'd say this was a great marketing/ PR event. Kudos, Donnie, I look forward to the collection.

Four out of five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ but I upgraded that to 5 on Amazon because it was a freebie through @horror_oasis and and this set me up for a good Monday.


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