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Influences on the characterization of Death in multi media.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Every writer's characterization of Death is different. Here's some of the ones I've got in my own private collection, and some of the more memorable ones in the media.

One of the more famous characterizations, is the fantastic version from Neil Gaimans Sandman series, which also branched into various spin-offs. Female, savvy, smart, funny, Mr Gimen did a real number on turning the character upside down. And she was hot! I mean - she has that goth chick appeal, but it's like - Death! Hats off.

A very famous recent Death, that to be found in The book thief. Markus Zusak did a great job of combining a fantasy element in Death, with that of the holocaust - also a theme in The Sadeiest and my subsequent novels. One can hardly get away from the holocaust when considering the character of death of course. But a dancing death? It's such a distinct image, and played well with the sales of the book.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld series really pushed Mort, the character who takes over the role of Death, to fantastic heights. Now this is coming from a place of love - I read Mort and another of the "death" books of Pratchetts, way back when they first came out, and loved them - I think it was Soul Musik perhaps? My memory fails. Still, I know I loved what he did with the character, and it came as no surprise to me that Gaiman and Pratchett would be such close friends, according to the media and personal referrences made by Gaiman.

Anyone recognize this one? A clue, someone is about to stand ver this Death's shoulder and shoot....

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