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The Morass - by Zachary Ashford

A book that is a content warning all on it's own.

This book is sick. Really horribly nasty and gripping, and you feel unclean after reading it. Think of falling into a pigpen covered in days-old diarrhea, with your mouth open, whilst a leper hits you over the head with their dismembered arm, and add flies in your nose whilst it happens.

I think the intelligent part of me probably wanted to stop at some point, but my sick gore-loving alter ego needed to know just how much of a beast Ashford really is, and frankly, you don’t want to or need to. You just need to know that he is, this is fantastically disgusting, un-put-downable, and will make you vomit up whatever you ate. It goes to all the places you don’t want it to, and ends in a place you wish it didn’t, and leaves you thinking that the YouTube video you once saw when you were 14 that you really wish you hadn’t, wasn’t so bad after all.

Huhhh... ghuhhhh. roooolffff.

Buy mouthwash before you read this book.

I loved it.

5 vomit splattered stars, and compliments on the impeccable writing. Really, really f##king great.


Superb, what a blast.


You can buy The Morass - by clicking on the Amazon link below. Don't say I didn't warn you:

You can visit Zachary's website, HERE.

You can follow Zachary on Twitter, HERE.

You can Follow Zachary on Instagram, HERE.


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