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The Cockroach King - by Andreew Cull

This is a short, sweet cold water shock of a horror novella, weighing in at a mere 65 pages, it still manages to land itself firmly in the horror genre ballpark and takes center stage for the short time you are in it.

Andrew’s voice is honey, the pages fly by and you want the unfolding horror to never end – worse, when it does it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of needing more – I will certainly be checking out Andrew’s other books (I’m thinking Remains or Bones possibly…) as quickly as possible.

Back to the cockroach king, this book sells itself with the opening sentence, where you just know from the get-go that Cull isn’t wasting any words- it’s straight into the action and the pace doesn’t let up.

I won’t give away too much, the book is so short, but it’s money well spent and bait for Cull’s back collection.

Very impressed, Andrew. I was thrilled to have discovered your voice, I’ll be back for more. 4 out of 5 ⭐'s


You can buy The Cockroach King by clicking on the appropriate Amazon link below:

You can visit Andrew's Website, HERE.

You can find Andrew on Twitter, HERE.

You can find Andrew on Instagram, HERE.


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