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Goodnight, Mum.

Williams stared back at his legs, which had almost completely reformed. Just his feet remained, stumps to which grey ether ghosted around, the shape of two trainers came together. "I figured that out."

"And?" Williams heard from over his shoulder.

"It's the people most alive in that moment, isn't it? The people that are living right in the moment more than anyone else. They can't let go."

"You got it. Even if it means being in horrific pain, their soul is fighting more than anyone else's to live. To be alive. Or has done in the course of their life. Even if they are set on death. If they want to die more than anything else in the world, they are experiencing every second of life at that moment. They are winning. They are living."

Excerpt from "The Sadeiest"

I got a friend to take care of you. You're in really good hands. Say hello to the boys for me.

Andrew, the Austrian Spencer.


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