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Corporate Body - by R.A.Busby

I love body horror, and that might sound weird coming from someone that has spent copious amounts of time in a hospital. It’s just the inevitable grind of something going wrong, something out of your control that makes the transformation of what you know, to something alien, that much more satisfying. And ghastly, horrific, and cringe-inducing.

Plus, body horror rocks.

Case in point, R.A.Busby’s Corporate Body, a copy of which I received gratefully from Sadie Hartmann (Mother Horror) and the kind folks at Cemetery Gates Media. This sixth book in the My Dark Library series flew by. That’s partly due to the amiable voice of the main protagonist, and the quick pace of the book, which weighs in at only 96 pages. Suffice it to say, I blasted through it in a day.

I won’t summarize the plot, I think Goodreads blurbs and other reviewers can do that, I would instead like to focus on the mood of this one. Which is, in my mind, upbeat. That's kind of weird for a horror book, but, here, works perfectly.

You get a definite sense of rooting for Nick, the MC, despite how you think it’s all going to play out, and as his body disfigures and transforms. You think it’s going to go in one direction, yet are pleasantly surprised when it takes a more maternalistic bent. I think it’s fair to say that you know where it’s going to go as soon as Nick heads into the clinic, yet there’s a lot here to love – his relationship with Charlie, his test rat friend. You get the feeling of Nick being the underdog that is getting close to his day in the spotlight, no matter the pain he has to go through to get there.

I’m giving this 5 ⭐’s and have to say I lapped this one up. Great voice, R.A., lovely to have read you.

My thanks to Sadie and Cemetery Gates for the ARC. You’re going to love this one.


You can buy Corporate Body (releases 14th March) by clicking on the appropriate Amazon link, below:

You can visit R.A.Busby's website, HERE

You can find R.A. on Twitter, HERE.

You can find R.A. on Instagram, HERE.

You can find R.A. on TikTok, HERE.


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