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The Masocheist

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Starting the creative process for the sequal

So no-one, literally, no-one, has asked me where I get my ideas from. My daughter has wondered it aloud, but no-one has come up to me and said - "Austrian, where the hell did that come from".

And I'm left thinking - i read about how authors always say it's the unspoken question, but is it really? Is it not our own ego's desperately needing affirmation that we are the same as everyone else? Like - nobody's interested. Actually. And that's great. Because we don't know.

“I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.”

The Masocheist

So at this point, the Masocheist is planned out. The Prologue and Chapter 1 are draft 1 ready, they will both need extensive editing, but are in the bag. Chapters 2 - 5 are now underway. Life (holiday and publishing/editing The Sadeiest) took precedence in August, but September will be a trickle to begin with, I still have to get this site up and running, build my fan base up ready for the release (hard to do when you have nothing to show people to begin with) and get my multi media accounts rolled out. It's a lot to do, plus I have a full time job still. But - here's some teasers for The Masochiest:

Pez expands his leggy army (copyright John, who coined the phrase)

Peace creates havoc

Rot spreads

America falls to Mania

Famine - hides

Death battles his own demons

John suffers

Mortis runs riot

Greta's revenge. Plenty of Nazi bastards to track down

War reaps his rewards

That's enough for now.


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