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The Sadeiest Playlist

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Opening track and Theme tune:

Superpower by X-Ambassadors:

This song came to play very early in the writing process, and once I found it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. The Sadeie

st is a very visual story, given I started it off as a Graphic Novel, and I listen to this track more or less every day in the car on the way to work,

my head full of the visuals a film theme track would have, flashed between comic art and reality. Yeah. THIS is The Sadeiest.

Sex track – The beginning of Rot:

Lana del rey – Blue Jeans

I have a very specific sex scene In the Sadeiest, which once again plays with the perception of the reader, what they are reading is not what is happening in reality. The screaming in the background which everyone blocks out is exactly the effect I was looking for. Slow, sultry, sexy. A lie. There’s something nasty in the background.

The Chase scene:

Who are you? – Spring Kings

I have a scene where Williams and Henreich are in a hospital bedroom, distracted, and the Lifetimer of their victim is catching up to them. It’s the first use of Williams’ companion, the Darkness, and a good example of Henreich’s use of memory to aid him chase two Traceurs. Run!

Thailand city centre – The Darkness attacks:

Itch – Nothing but thieves

Having discovered a Darkness that has attached itself to Williams’ soul, and not knowing what it is or if it is inherently evil or not, Williams and Henreich arrive in the Lifetimer of their next victim, to immediately be abused by a flood of humanity walking through them. The Darkness springs to action, and the Sadeiests run.

Chapter 20

Where’s my love? – Alternate version – SYML

I don't want to give the ending away, but

Yeah, this nailed it. Cold.

The rise of Pez:

Buzzcut season – Lorde

Pez the ant is tends to be a favourite with the readers, and I think of his scenes as mute, when Pestilence swarms and attacks I think of silence, just piano or orchestral music in the background as the horde destroy and swarm, and the music has that touch of nastiness to it, the offturn – something innocent gone off.

John’s eventual calm before the storm:

Come out and play – Billy Eilish

I have a horrible, evil, mean bastardy character arc for John, I am not a nice author, and he very rarely gets  moment of peace – but I imagine writing one for him, travelling in a car, travelling through the mountains, feet on the dashboard as Olivia drives him anywhere – away from the horror. He is wearing headphones and not looking at her, though she glances at him and doesn’t speak. We pan out and go high up in the clouds, watching him bear up to the horror, and pass a swarm of bees, all moving in perfect formation, watching the car, as if it was being controlled by a hive mind… But we are a long way from that

The comedown:

Fade into you – Mazzy star

The moment when John understands he never had a chance – his life was never going to be the same again. This is also the song I listen to wind down to. Slow down. 

And that's a wrap.


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