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14.09.2020 Cover reveal!

Tonight we get to reveal the actual cover from the Sadeiest, taken from the rt in the last blog. I would like to extend my thanks to Richard E. Rock, the Author of Deep Level, also on Darkstroke books, for his Endorsement.

Every journey begins with a first step, and this is mine, the first book in the series which has yet to be named, the first book of the origins of Death. The follow on book, The Masocheist, will detail the fall of Williams into the entity of Death, and bring us up to date on the disparate timelines.

Credits go to Laurence Patterson for the cover design, and Stephanie Patterson for the blurb on the back cover.

My hearts been racing all day, waiting to break this news. Can't wait for the paperback!

If all goes well, the pre-order begins today, or tomorrow latest, and The Sadeiest begins it's journey into other peoples lives.

This is very much like when your kid gets old enough to leave home.


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