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To help the launch of The Sadeiest on 27th November, I'm starting a project on twitter. The Sadeiest originally started life as a comic, and I have incorporated the twenty-five pages of comic artwork as illustrations in the book. 

Now it's your turn.

Using a page of comic art below (you choose which one you wish to use), you have to make a one-page comic that will blow us away. Make it funny. Make it Serious. Make it what you will.

One of the things you learn quickly in the Twitterverse is that often enough, someone comes along with an idea that is even better than the original. In the spirit of getting the artwork out there into the public, I'm running this competition from the grand opening of the website, and it will run until the 15th December.

So how do I make my own comic page?

Below, you will find a selection of some of the 25 pages of artwork, all of which are text and sound effect free. Click on the image to download any page you like, and either convert it from PDF to JPEG, or use the snipping tool and make your own JPEG. Open a word document. Insert the JPEG into the word doc and set the picture format to "behind the text". You can then layer-on inserted speech marks, text boxes and sound effects, all of which can be found in Word.

Please limit your entry to only one per person.

Turn the page into a picture (jpeg), and upload it onto Twitter, and include the following hashtags -






Entries can be humourous, serious, whatever you like, but please keep the language clean, and the content non-discriminatory. 

The winner will be announced on twitter and on Facebook on 15th December and will receive one page of original artwork of their choice from The Sadeiest, plus a selection of Darkstroke books to make them have a very Dark Christmas indeed.

So get to it! Good luck! I look forward to seeing what the next generation of comic writers can come up with!

Austrian - 11.09.2020

Sadeiest 1.JPG
Sadeiest 2.JPG
Sadeiest 3.JPG
Sadeiest 4.JPG
Sadeiest 5.JPG
Sadeiest 6.JPG
Sadeiest 7.JPG
Sadeiest 8.JPG
Sadeiest 9.JPG
Sadeiest 10.JPG
Sadeiest 11.JPG
Sadeiest 15.JPG

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